·      Helps children develop music competence, which opens the door to a lifetime of music participation

·      Supports children's development in key early learning domains

·      Gives teachers tools to enhance classroom life and reach curricular goals

·      Aligns with many early learning standards, curricula, and philosophiesSupports family engagement and parent-child relationships.

Hummingbird childcare is licensed by Music Together LLC. For more Music Together locations:  www.musictogether.com

Music Together is a pioneer in music education in schools and childcare settings serving children from birth through and including kindergarten.The research-based, comprehensive curriculumincludes award-winning music and developmentally appropriate activities that can be easily integrated into any early learning setting, including pre-kindergarten programs, Head Start classrooms, childcare centers, and in-home care. The unique Music Together curriculum components raise the overall quality of children's early learning in the following ways:

All children can achieve basic music competence



With Music Together, music becomes a powerful learning tool



All children are born musical

Parents and caregivers participation regardless

of their own musical ability

Playful, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate

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